Plotter Roll Cutting Machines

PRM 1600 plotter roll cutting machine

The PRM 1600 plotter roll cutting machine is used to re-reel large-size paper types. The paper is placed on the pipe without adhesive and in a creaseless manner. The economical operation of the machine is shown by its reduced downtime, and the quick changes between the high and low running cycles. By using various tension axes, it is able to wind rolls between diameters of 50 mm and 76 mm, up to a length of 250 m.

prm1600 Technical specifications
Working width
Cutting width
Cutting method
Material thickness

1,000 mm, 1,600 mm
up to a diameter of 1,200 mm
up to 250 mm
up to 300 m/min
from 220 mm
40-250 g/m2
prm1600 prm1600
prm1600 prm1600